Great teachers wanted in sub-tropical island of Xiamen, China

3,092–4,328 USD
Xiamen, Fujian Sheng, China


Abroad (full-time)
School type
Teaching hours per week
Class length
30 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
Only for native English speakers


Medical insurance
Working visa
Not provided


International Sunshine Home is a bilingual kindergarten looking for amazing teachers. Our pay begins at 20,000 yuan plus an annual airfare incentive, 22 personal leave days, a moving stipend of 10,000 yuan, repayment of work visa fees, insurance and a re-sign bonus for a second annual contract. Lunch, snacks and coffee are free.

We provide a curriculum, an academic outline (in 3-week blocks), sample lesson plans, in-class activities and printable materials, though we invite qualified teachers to tailor the class to their strengths and preferences.

The class size for all our classes is capped at 18 students, with two assistant teachers for each class. The student-teacher ratio is 6:1.

Teachers work an eight-hour day for five consecutive days per week. Lead teaching hours start at 17.5 hours per week. More hours are available for teachers who wish to earn more income. The work schedule varies according to the position.

Xiamen is a subtropical island off the coast of China. Summers are hot (and humid) and winters are cool (it never snows). The climate, weather and size of the city are similar to Jacksonville, Florida. Xiamen is one of China's most livable cities!

We hire teachers eligible for Z (work) visas in Fujian per the Board of Education. Teachers must  have a university degree, a passport from a native-English speaking country, an authenticated criminal record check and either an authenticated TEFL certificate OR 2 years of post-university teaching experience. Teachers in China (or who have worked in China) must have a release letter and a separation letter from the applicant’s last China position.

Contract Highlights

  • Base pay                              20K to 28K yuan (dependent on lead teaching hours)

  • Move-in stipend                    10,000 yuan (with first month’s pay)

  • Leave                                  21 personal days, 11 government holidays, 1 religious day

  • Insurance                             Public and private health insurance, generous sick leave

  • Visa fees                              Repayment of notarization, authentication and consular fees

  • Overtime                             250 yuan per lead teaching hour

  • Retention incentive                6,000 yuan every 12 months; 10,000 yuan bonus in year two

  • Tuition remission                  Full tuition remission for children of foreign staff

  • Training                              2 weeks of paid training

  • Referrals                              10,000 yuan bonus per referred teacher

  • Fringe benefits                      Chinese courses, maternity/paternity and marriage leave



  • Lead teaching hours               17.5 / 20.5 / 22.5 hours per week

  • Base pay                              8,200 / 12,200 / 16,200 yuan

  • Local minimum wage             1,800 yuan

  • Housing                               5,000 yuan

  • Performance bonus                5,000 yuan (max)

  • Total                                  20,000 / 24,000 / 28,000 yuan


Classroom Overview

  • Student-teacher ratio              No more than six students per academic staff member

  • Classroom staff                      Lead teacher, co-teacher and caregiver

  • Multidisciplinary classes          Sciences, Psychology, Languages, Arts, Safety & Health

  • Student population                Ages 2 through 6

  • Prepared environment            Books, student materials, circle area, monthly purchase budget