Online ESL Teacher - Boxfish

24 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
25 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
1 year


About Us

BOXFiSH is a mobile internet technology company focusing on secondary school (K12) English Education.

In 2012, BOXFiSH entered her first classroom at Beijing Resources Middle School. Three years later this school was the number one school in all of Beijing, with dramatically better test scores. From then until now, BOXFiSH has continued to expand and develop, being used today in over 10000 schools across China. BOXFISH is an English teaching brand developed in China, with distinct global influence. 

BOXFiSH Tutor offers much more than regular online video classes. With access to the best native English tutors from around the world, combined with the most innovative and advanced interactive English curriculum, the efficiency of learning is far beyond traditional training.

With no classroom and other associated costs, BOXFiSH can pass these savings straight on to our customers. For the same price as attending a large group based class, our students can enjoy a private 1-1 class with a professional teacher.

Our dream at BOXFiSH is to make high quality education accessible to everyone; to ensure every student can pass their college entrance examination; to create a world where everyone can communicate in a common language and command the language as close to a native as possible.

 Founding Date: 2012



What we offer:

  • Flexible Schedule

  • 24/7 Support Team

  • Competitive Salary & Opportunity to grow


  • Are native English speakers from USA, Canada and UK.

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or above.

  • Have a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

  • Have prior online teaching experience (Over one year).

  • As a BOXFISH tutor, all you need for class is a smartphone or tablet, a headset or headphones equipped with a microphone and a bracket to fix your device.

  • Have a warm personality and are patient.

  • Are punctual and responsible.

Types of Classes:

On Demand Classes - 5-min and 10-min classes

  • Flexible teaching times.

  • As easy as making a phone call.

 The On Demand Class series is designed to let teachers help students review a lesson they just learned by themselves. The On Demand Class series features three exciting lesson types:

  • Review Classes (5 minutes)

  • Language Points Lesson (5 minutes)

  • Reading Lesson (10 minutes)

1-on-1 Class - 25-min Classes 

  • Pre-booked and Live

  • Fixed Students

 The 25-min Class consists of both 1-on-1 (pre-booked and Live) and 1-on-4 classes. Each class is 25 minutes long and can be scheduled through the BOXFiSH App based on your availabilities. Our system will automatically match your time slots with students who are free at the same time as you. A class will then be added to your schedule. The teaching material can be downloaded through the BOXFiSH App. Due to the length and the more varied content of this type of class, we give priority to teachers who are capable of varied teaching methods, class management, and are familiar with TPR.

Teaching time:

  • Weekdays : 5:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm (Beijing time)

  • Weekends : 9:00 am ~ 12:00 pm (Beijing time) - 2:00 pm ~ 11:00 pm (Beijing time)