Online ESL Teacher for DMA1on1

8–9 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
50 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
No certificate
1 year


About Us

DMA has established one-to-one online English in Taiwan since 2006 and is a pioneer in online teaching in the industry. Since its opening, it has always maintained a principle-"the best teacher". We do not provide foreigners who can speak English, but we train and train teachers who can teach English. Only with good teaching quality can an enterprise continue to operate. We believe that word of mouth is the best advertisement. For more than ten years, DMA1on1 has worked hard to maintain the quality of teaching. In addition to each teacher not only having a TESOL/TEFL teaching certificate, but also strictly requiring all teachers to graduate from a university with a bachelor's or master's degree or above.

Since DMA Dima is the first online English organization in Taiwan to provide foreign teachers with a native language, the founder of education, Mr. G, believes that only by focusing on the field of English learning can it become the most professional language organization in the online English industry.

We care that your child’s English teacher has a standard English pronunciation; DMA also hopes that you, an office worker, will not only speak English, but also learn the differences between Eastern and Western cultures with local teachers, no matter where you are. You can look at the world at any time and cultivate your own international outlook and competitiveness. 

Dima DMA1on1 only provides general online learning English, we also have financial, legal, immigration, study abroad and other customized ESP courses so that you do not have to go abroad to understand world affairs.


Dma Language Associates(dba Dma1on1) as been established since 2006. We provide one-on-one Online English program and use Skype as the learning platform.

What is required?

  • Strong and proper command of the written English language.

  • Good comfort level with online applications & technology is a must.

  • Must have a degree from any field and above age of 24 years old.

  • Nearly native speaker accent.

  • Be able to teach at least 20 hours of classes per week

Skills and Education Requirements:

  • Energetic and professional personality

  • University degree (preferred).

  • Previous ESL teaching experience (preferred),

  • Familiarity with using computers.

Technical Requirements:

  • Broadband Internet connection by Ethernet Cable

  • Headphone/Microphone set

Teaching Opportunities:

  • We provide one-on-one Online English program

  • We use Skype as the learning platform.

  • Full training on our Online Tutoring software and teaching skills will be given.

  • Classes use our textbooks, extra materials and some website information if necessary.

Our “Dma Teacher’s Training Program” and regular “On Job Refreshers” ensure that our teachers are keeping up to date and that their professional development and career goals are being achieved.

We have many job opportunities for prospective ESL teachers, working ESL teachers. If you are a committed and energetic professional and easy to communicate with, we would like to invite you to join our teaching team.