Online ESL Teacher for Learntalk

4–15 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
25 min
Max students per class
Student age


No degree
No certificate


If you are fluent in English, a university graduate, and enjoy communicating with people from different countries and cultures, we’d love to hear from you.

Language Tutor $4-5 per hour

Requirements: CEFR Level at least C1

Experienced Instructor $8-10 per hour

Requirements: CEFR Level C2, 2 years experience

Professional Teacher $12-15 per hour

Requirements: CEFR Level C2, 4 years experience, Accreditation/Certification

Private Class

Private classes are one-on-one classes. You can open your Private Lesson availability by going to your My Calendar page and clicking the time slots that you would like to open. Pay of a 25-minute Private class is equivalent to your tier rate.

Group Class

Group classes have a maximum of four students in a 25-minute class. As long as you have a Private Lesson availability on the platform, there's a chance you can get a group session as only the student can choose whether he/she would like to have a Private Class or a Group Class. Pay of a 25-minute Group class is equivalent to your tier rate.

Open Booking Class

Open Booking classes are classes booked by students without a teacher and have a fixed rate of $2.00 per 25-minute class regardless of the teacher's tier rate. A student can choose a time slot and the lesson material and wait for a teacher to accept the booking. Available Open Booking classes will appear on the Open Booking panel at the bottom of your dashboard. If you wish to teach it, you can click the Accept button on the right-hand side of the Open Booking panel. If it disappears on your Open Booking panel, this means that another teacher took the class.

Level Check Class

Only selected teachers can be booked for a Level Check class. A Level Check is a placement test that assesses a student's overall speaking and comprehension, fluency, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The pay of a Level Check class is equivalent to your tier rate.

How much will I earn as a Learntalk teacher?

Every teacher has their own Rate Per Lesson. All booked lessons (group, private and level check) done on the platform will be paid equivalent to the teacher's rate per lesson. Students who are having their first lesson on Learntalk will credit the teacher the same amount, however, if the student decides to purchase credits after their first class, then the teacher will be credited an additional 25% of their rate as a bonus.
Lessons through the Open Bookings function will only credit the teacher an amount equivalent to the student's subscription rate. 

About Learntalk

Learntalk is an Education Technology (EdTech) company that provides English online solutions to individuals, corporates, institutions, and language schools around the world. We at Learntalk want to make learning English not only accessible to everyone by offering live online language lessons at affordable prices, but also relevant to everyone we work with by adapting to their particular needs. With our team of trained and expert teachers available 24/7 and our unique methodology, we aim to create a world without barriers where English is for everyone.