Online ESL Teacher for SayABC

19–25 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
40 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
No certificate


Teach English Online from Home with SayABC!

  • Up to $17 USD per 40 minutes

  • Interactive platform with pre-uploaded National Geographic lessons

  • Set your own hours

SayABC has one of the best rates available for teaching online. Additionally you control your own schedule to fit around your lifestyle and can work from anywhere with a strong Internet connection

Teaching kids with SayABC is a lot of fun and hugely rewarding. Our platform is designed to make the experience not only great for the students but the teacher too! Our curriculum was developed in collaboration with Cengage and National Geographic.

SayABC teachers build confidence in every child. Our platform provides you with opportunities to empower the younger generation to discover a world of possibilities.

Can I apply even if I don't have a bachelor's degree?

  • Based on the new regulations of the Ministry of Education in China, all the teachers will need to have a Bachelor degree or above to teach on a Chinese platform. If you are still studying at university, we suggest you kindly apply for our ESL online teaching position after the degree is awarded.

How long is the contract for?

  • We require a 3-month minimum commitment from our applicants. The contract can be renewed.

What equipment do I need?

  • A desktop or a laptop with a webcam – The platform does not work on mobile devices like phones or tablets or ipad. We will update the FAQs if that ever changes.

  • A headset with microphone – We require a headset to increase the quality of your hearing and a microphone to cut down on ambient noise. Chrome browser – You will need this to access our training materials and classes.

  • High-speed internet – You will be receiving and transmitting audio and video streams in the course of teaching.

  • We will provide you with the download link to our teaching platform software once you have been selected for an interview.

What are the different types of classes?

There are 3 different types of classes:

  • Major Classes (Homerooms): The purpose of the Major Classes is to teach the curriculum and help students develop good study habits.

  • Trial Classes: As to trial class, the purpose is to showcase our platform and sell our content. Teachers should strive to provide an enjoyable class experience and encourage all students to participate.

  • Emergency Classes: you might be noticed by our support team to substitute an emergency class if you select to be standby teachers.


SayABC teachers can earn up to USD $17 per 40 minute class. The base pay is $13 and the incentive is $4 per class based on your attendance and productivity.

A teacher might be asked to cover a class in less than 24 hour notice. If the teacher accepts the late notice class and take over the class, $7 will be added to the total payment for that class.

A teacher may be asked to take over a group of class in the middle of a unit. If the teacher accepts the rest of the class, $7 will be added to the total payment for each of those classes.

Teachers who teach our Trial Class can get $8 per converted student as an incentive.

All payments are processed on or before the 15th every month. All payments are sent out by wire transfer.

About SayABC

Cultivate confidence in every child to find the world full of possibilities in English. SayABC provides international learning experience for 5-12 years old children in China. Headquartered in Beijing, the company offers small group class taught by certified teachers.

SayABC is backed by tier one investors in China and in the US, and is a dynamic and fast growing online education platform that strives to bring the highest quality ESL learning experience to millions of young learners in China.