Online ESL Teacher for VIPKid

14–22 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
25 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
No certificate
2 years


We provide an international learning experience to children in China between the ages 4-12. Located in Beijing and San Francisco, with teachers all over the U.S. and Canada, the company offers fully immersive one-on-one English language instruction provided online by highly qualified teachers. The curriculum uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

Our one-on-one English classes mean more learning (awesome) and less distraction (also awesome). We believe geography should not determine whether a child has the chance to learn, and with our online platform you can do it from anywhere at an affordable price.

Teacher Requirements

  • We require you to have at least a Bachelor’s degree to be eligible to teach.

  • You must submit proof of the degree with one of the following:

    1. A photo of your physical Bachelor’s degree certificate

    2. A copy of your official transcript from your institution

    3. Degree verification from National Students Clearinghouse

    4. A verification letter from your institution’s registrar office (signed, sealed or watermarked)

Technical Requirements

  • Desktop, Laptop, MacBook, iPad, or Microsoft Surface

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10; Mac OS 10.X or higher operating system (Linux and Chrome OS are NOT supported by VIPKid)

  • ≥ Intel i5 processor

  • ≥ 8GB RAM

  • Wired high-speed internet connection of ≥ 25 Mb/s

What are the recommended teaching accessories?

  • A headset (such as Logitech H151or H150)

  • A webcam (such as Logitech C270 or Logitech C310) or a high-quality built-in camera

  • A backup power supply and mobile hotspot in case you experience power outages or blackouts in your area

  • A backup device such as an iPad

  • A camera with a resolution of at least 2 megapixels is considered high-quality and well-functioning

  • A blue or clear white-based light or lightbulb that is positioned to shine a light on your face

Payment Fundamentals

  • Get Paid Per Class - your earnings are based on the number of classes you teach. The more classes you teach, the more you can earn. There is no limit. Learn more about Teaching Hours.

  • Base Pay - the base pay rate is between $7-9 per class. Since classes are 25-minutes each, you can earn the equivalent of $14-18 per hour plus incentives (see next).

  • Incentives - from teaching more classes to referrals, there are lots of opportunities to earn extra. In general, with incentives, a teacher can earn the equivalent of $15-22 per hour with VIPKid

Teachers are paid through direct bank deposits between the 10th and 15th of each month.

About VIPKid

VIPKid is a global education technology company that connects children with the world’s best teachers for real-time online English immersion learning. VIPKid’s mission is to inspire and empower every child for the future. VIPKid believes that education is not one-size-fits-all. Rather, all students are unique, and the world is within their reach when connected with great teachers capable of personalizing learning and sparking curiosity.

Founded in 2013 and formally launched in 2014, VIPKid has become China’s market-leading online education startup, attracting investment from Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Yunfeng Capital, Coatue Management, Matrix Partners, Sinovation Ventures, Learn Capital, Northern Light VC, Bryant Stibel, among others. The VIPKid platform currently connects over 700,000 paying students with over 100,000 teachers in the United States and Canada.