Teach English Online To Japanese Students - Enlai Total Educational Solutions

8–10 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
25 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
No certificate
1 year


Enlai Total Educational Solutions
About Us

  • We are Enlai Total Educational Solutions. A solution provider to teachers, schools, companies, charities, and governments dealing with education. 

  • Our Mission: is to make quality international education more accessible, more robust and more affordable to power a more intelligent society.

  • Our Vision: To be the last word in educational solutions between the east and west.

  • Enlai TES is a subsidiary of ADM Computing, the largest technology solutions company in the south of England with a reputation for excellence that spans over 30 years. Enlai takes up the reigns of this legacy by excelling in what ADM does best, namely, finding solutions to the problems that exist in our respective market and doing so in an efficient and innovative way. 

We believe that technology has the ability to make a variety of industries more efficient, more dynamic, more accessible and cheaper. By keeping things simple we are able to make education cheaper for our students while also having more money to pay our online Teachers better. That’s how we are able to deliver some of the most affordable English lessons in Japan while having one of the highest paying student jobs in the UK.

 You can choose your own schedule and work from home. We will provide you with the curriculum and lessons plans. Easily and accessible scheduling system that allows you manage and modify your class bookings on a daily basis. You will be paid monthly and can essentially earn as much as you like.



Job Description:

  1. Deliver 25 minute class to students. 80% of students are adults, whilst the other 20% are young learners.

  2. Attend training sessions and meetings in order to improve your teaching skills and improve your booking rate.

  3. Create and modify your monthly online teaching schedule. You must schedule a minimum of 40 hours a month.

  4. Send us a weekly report to show the classes taught, your schedule changes and suggestions on how we can improve.

Necessary Qualifications:

  1. Must be willing to learn how to teach online.

  2. Must be responsible, hard-working, punctual and patient with a special emphasis on the requirement to be on time for all your booked lessons.

  3. Must be a second year university student and above.

  4. Able to commit to a minimum of 40 hours per month.

  5. Must have a good computer.

  6. Must have a clear background and a quiet environment to work/teach in.

  7. Around a 20Mbps internet connection.

  8. Google Chrome: Version 51 or above.

6 Reasons to Teach Online with Enlai:

  1. High pay: £8.20 – £10 Per Hour. This is based on the number of lessons taught in the period of a month. Each lesson should take no more than 30 minutes to prepare and teach. You can teach as many lessons as you want, the more lesson slots you open the higher your hourly pay.

  2. Convenience and Flexibility: You can teach from home or a private location with good wifi and create your own schedule. You can change your schedule as you please or completely turn off your schedule and turn it back on for times when you will be studying or on Holiday. We do ask for notice.

  3. Easy to start: The entirety of the curriculum has been prepared in advance so there is very little lesson preparation necessary once you get used to teaching online.  The entirety of the preparation that is needed to begin can be completed in 1 – 3 Hours but getting into the flow of things will come with time like any other job.

  4. Interesting: As an Enlai Teacher we get to be the bridge between two cultures without even leaving our homes:Teach our Japanese students not only the language, but also culture and traditions. In return, learn about Japan from your students.

  5. Prepare for your future career: You will be involved in an international work environment that involves English language, education and language acquisition.  If you plan to go into any of these areas after graduation and you do well teaching with us you can expect a glowing reference that will place a special focus on highlighting our programs relevance to your future career.

  6. 7/24 Support: Our team will be able to profile answers and support to you 7/24 365 days of the year.