Online Part-time A-level Subject Teacher

30–45 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
60 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
CELTA, Teaching licence, PGCE/QTS
2 years


Online Part-time A-level Subject Teacher


Job Description:

Long-term recruitment:

Ø  A-level  English Teacher

Ø  A-level  Mathematics Teacher

Ø  A-level  Science Teacher (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)

Ø  A-level  Business/Economics Teacher

Ø  A-level  Computer Science Teacher

Ø  A-level  Psychology Teacher


1. Class preparation and teaching in accordance with the A-level syllabus of the University of Cambridge, UK, and write teaching plans and lesson plans;

2. Conduct lesson preparation discussions and teaching research meetings with teachers in the A-level subject group, and revise relevant teaching materials and courseware;

3. Complete the teaching tasks of the subjects within the specified teaching time to ensure the teaching quality;

4. Assign and correct homework for students, provide class summary, and arrange periodic tests;

5. Pay close attention to the examination dynamics of the major examination bureaus, adjust the teaching plan in time, grasp the important and difficult points of the examination, and provide personalized teaching guidance to the students;

6. Perform dynamic analysis of the students' test scores, effectively analyze the previous test questions, and continuously improve the teaching level.


Job Requirements:


1. Bachelor's degree or master's degree or above from well-known universities;

2. English native speaker preferred;

3. More than three years of teaching experience, with a subject teacher qualification certificate, and an international school background is preferred;

4. Love education, have good learning and application ability, self-driving ability and teamwork ability;

5. Those with international curriculum teaching experience are preferred, and those with overseas study experience are preferred;