Referral program FAQ


How does the partner program work?

Is it free to join?

I don't have a registered business, can I join?

Can I join affiliate programs of other schools?

How do you track referrals?


How much will I make per candidate I recommend?

Is there any way to know what are the reward amounts for each job?

When will I get paid?

Do you accept X as a way to pay referral bonuses?

Recruiting process

Do my referrals have to upload both a CV and an introduction video to apply for a job?

Do you follow up with applicants who need to upload their CV or Video to complete their application?

My referral seems to be frozen at the stage X, why is that?

Is there an easy way to see if load new job opportunities onto their website or if a job opportunity is withdrawn?

COVID-19 note

Does it make sense to refer candidates during COVID-19 pandemic?