English Teacher

English Teacher

1 794–2 989 USD
22 ноября 2017 г.


ОбразованиеДиплом бакалавра
Носитель языкаДоступно для неносителей английского
Опыт работы


ВизаРабочая виза


*Details: *Benefits/conditions for teachers:
1. Salary of RMB 12,000 to RMB 20, 000 (net).
2. International Return Airfare up to RMB 8,000 (net) provided the contract is
3. The accident health insurance
4. Good residential district in the city centre, with a free, comfortable, super clean,
independent apartment of 90 square meters. It has a bedroom, study, living room,
kitchen, bathroom. Hot water is available 24 hours a day,TV, refrigerator, washing
machine, microwave oven, drinking water dispenser along with a full range of household
appliances and kitchen utensils are provided as well as a full set of furniture (including
wardrobe, bed, sofa, tea table, desk, bookcase, table and eat chair, cabinets, etc.) with
clean, complete bedding.
5. Processing of working visa.
6. 40 -45days of paid vacation
7. All the courses for foreign teachers (Chinese English teachers) with a assistant
8. Free Mandarin lessons.
9. • On-going training and academic support (plus 1 week full training course on
arrival) • Promotion opportunities to Senior Teacher and Academic Manager within the
Shane network
1. Resume
2. Copy of diploma
3. Copy of teaching certification, if available
4. Copy of passport picture page
5. Reference letter, if available
6. Recent personal photo
7. A medical certificate
8. No criminal proof