Immediate role available teaching English

Immediate role available teaching English

22 ноября 2017 г.


СертификатыNo certificate
Носитель языкаДоступно для неносителей английского
Опыт работы




*Details: *I urgently need a teacher to start in a small community school in rural Thailand. The school is
about 3 hours from Ubon Ratchathani … probably about as remote as you could get.
So not as glamorous as some of the other locations. I guess really depends on what you are
looking for.
This is a quiet village, close to nature and a very relaxed. Laid back environment. It is NOT
Bangkok or a seaside resort… so you really need to be more interested in hiking, outdoors and
nature for this to work for you. (Nightlife will be very limited)
I have personally been there and met the teachers and they really are fantastic and friendly.
Salary is 30 000 Baht, they have a really nice bungalow across the road from the school for you to
rent at 2,500 Baht and you are able to for practically nothing with the other teachers. If you manage
to get through another 5,000 baht a month here, you will be living the high life.
This is one contract that you will most certainly end up saving money.
If you are interested, please send me your CV and I will be in contact to discuss in detail.