Ready to challenge a new life in Changchun,China

Ready to challenge a new life in Changchun,China

1 495–2 541 USD
22 ноября 2017 г.


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Носитель языкаТолько для носителей английского
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Daqiao is the leading foreign language school in Changchun with more than 60 branch schools
within Changchun and a number of other branch schools located all over the greater area of Jilin
Province. Daqiao has become renowned for its excellence in education.
Founded in 1992, Daqiao Foreign Language School has quickly made its mark in the education
industry. The development of its own textbooks and online based learning system has moved
Daqiao into the 21st century with outstanding results. With its relationship with oxford press and
other well-known publishers, Daqiao guarantees to provide the best learner courses for learners
from age 3 to 17.
With a large foreign teacher community, Daqiao’s objective is to provide the most experienced
teachers to cater to the ESL teaching needs of young learners. It’s goal for foreign teacher’s is to
encourage learners to speak confidently and provide an English immersed environment to freely
learn and use English comfortably.
Daqiao’s Foreign Affairs Department aims to provide foreign teachers with a stable, honest and
enjoyable working environment with a high standard of benefits and an effective management team
so as to give teachers the best experience living and working in Changchun, China.
25 years history training school. More than 300 brunches in 9 provinces around China.
More than 2,000,000 students have learnt in Daqiao.60 Daqiao schools,20 Ladder schools ,3
Kindergartens,4 pre-primary schools,1 Stanford Academy in Changchun.
We provide a large numbers of positions for foreign teachers.
Taking a job teaching in Changchun gives you the best of both worlds – a strong career and an
adventure. The types of teaching jobs available can vary, but at Daqiao we make sure our teachers
get exactly what they need.
Whether it’s a professional growth track or a job to allow exploring another corner of the world,
teaching English in Changchun with Daqiao makes life easy and worthwhile.
Living in Changchun is like living anywhere else in the world. Many items are cheap, especially
when shopping at local markets and eating out at neighborhood restaurants.
Still, our teachers find there’s always time (and pocket change) to live a bit more extravagantly than
usual. Trips and saving money are all possible on an English teacher’s salary.
1. Teach 20-25working hours a week (with 2 days off)
2. Teach class sizes of 10-25 students
3. Teach all areas of language learning (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
4. Be enthusiastic, passionate and fun-loving.
5. Preparing, planning and producing engaging, active and educational lessons.
6. Creating a safe and happy learning environment.
7. Maintaining and managing all classroom teaching and activities.
8. Being punctual, professional and performing with high standards.
9. Participating in school functions and events.
1. Salary: 10000-17000 RMB per month,based on qualifications
2. Airfare: 5000 -8,000 RMB annual flight allowance paid at end of contract.
3. 7 paid annual leave days ,3paid sick leave days plus 11 national holidays
4. Housing allowance of1000- 1500 RMB monthly
5. Official documents enabling teachers to work legally in China
6. Free weekly Chinese lessons
7. Accident insurance
8. Relevant professional training
9. Overtime paid monthly
10. Traffic allowance
11. Induction & on-the-job teaching profession training
12. Airport pick-up
13. Regular Team Building
14. We help to find a furnished apartment with fridge, washing machine, TV set, shower bath,
western toilet
1. For teachers to be from those countries (Canada, America, South Africa, New Zealand,
Australia or the U.K.)
2. Bachelor Degree from an accredited college or university.
3. CELTA/TEFL/TESOL certificate or equivalent.
4. With more than two years teaching experience or having the potential to be trained
5. Clean criminal record.
6. The ability to live abroad for at least one year
7. No addiction to Alcohol and Drug
8. 24-40 years old
9. Caucasian
Interested applicants please send the following requirements to daqiaorecruitment163:
1. A copy of teacher’s current passport photo page.
2. A copy of teacher’s academic degree/diploma/certificate
3. CV/resume
4. Recent color photo
For those teachers who are working in China and wish to transfer companies, a teacher will need to
provide a present visa copy, a release letter and a recommendation letter from the previous school.
Yolanda Yin