a level Math teachers

a level Math teachers

22 ноября 2017 г.


ОбразованиеДиплом бакалавра
СертификатыTEFL, TESOL, TESL, Qualified teacher
Носитель языкаТолько для носителей английского
Опыт работы


ПерелетБилет туда и обратно
ВизаРабочая виза


*Details: *Certification: Bachelor Degree / TEFL / TESOL
Fields of Expertise: ESL/EFL ,
Details: Full time foreign teachers are wanted for High school students in International
Department of Yinchuani city and Changsha city and Ganzhou city.
Foreign Teachers are wanted for English different parts, including listening, speaking,
reading and writing. Foreign teachers are required to have office hours and teaching
Hours per week is no more than 15 hours.
The students will have three year study in International Department of High School, then
go abroad for their further study.
1. Competitive Salary is provided for all qualified teachers
2. Free accommodation / housing allowance
3. Health insurance
4. A round trip ticket or 8000RMB transportation allowance/ academic year
5. Fully payment during holidays including summer and winter holidays
6. Working visa
1. Two year teaching experience at least
2. Native English speakers
3. Bachelor degree
4. TEFL Certificate or TESL Certificate is required
5. Health and no more than 55 years old
The advertisement is available all the time.