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Think of us as the "Airbnb" for teachers - we are here to directly connect you to schools so you won't be bombarded with spam or irrelevant offers!

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Teachers sign up and directly apply to trusted and vetted employers.
After acing the interview, the teacher signs a contract, applies for a working visa and packs his/her bags.

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How we are different from others

Normally, when you’re looking for a TEFL job, you can search on spammy job boards or rely on predatory agencies. Meaning, you'll be interviewing for positions that are irrelevant to your preference but benefit the recruiter in three ways:

  1. They have a position to urgently fill
  2. They will take a percentage of your salary
  3. Their income is commission based

With recruiting agents, you will always be in the dark, you won’t know which school you are interviewing for, let alone the exact terms and conditions.

It is in their best interest to keep you away from the school employer in order form them to seal the deal and collect their commission.

Why choose teach.fm

We provide a personalized job search experience that is 100% free for teachers to use.

Our 1 on 1 career consultants will ensure you are receiving the best salary and benefits package. You deal directly with employers and all conditions are listed upfront.

And remember, teach.fm screens employers by extensive phone interviews or on-site school visits in China. Additionally, we ask teachers to write employer reviews and require employers to submit at least three reviews from former or current teachers.

We do our homework!

Our service goes beyond just matching candidates to the right companies. We also track the visa application process and provide ground support when candidates arrive in China to help ensure a smooth and comfortable transition.

And most importantly, we are not motivated by quotas and we don’t take a percentage of your salary.

What makes us unique

It's possible to find a teaching position without teach.fm - Chinese recruiting agencies will always take your call, but at your own risk. They will gladly refer you to schools where you can work on a business or tourist visa, making your status illegal.

But we are confident our smart-matching algorithms with human to human career consultation will give you a smooth and profitable transition abroad.

We are confident because we were created by Teachers for Teachers!

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