9 Schools Where You Can Teach English Online - no degree needed

Just like many gigs out there, online teaching can be a great source of income, not to mention you can apply for one even without a degree or teaching experience!

In a world where finishing a degree can be tough and can be expensive as purchasing a brand new house, many people are shifting towards online work due to thousands of opportunities it provides.

Because globalization is taking its toll with the help of the internet, more and more people around the world are enrolling for English classes, as well as companies being founded to provide such services.

So if you are a native English speaker (or someone fluent) without a degree or teaching experience, has the basic setup for an online teaching session, and has the passion to teach, check our these 9 schools you can apply for and teach online.

AmazingTalker is an online language teaching platform that teaches English and other languages such as French, Spanish, Japanese. And many more. They are one of the leading language education companies that offer online teaching jobs to native and non-native speakers. They also provide flexible hours with no minimum hours required, and they hire anyone regardless of nationality as long as they are able to handle the class and pass their interviews.

Website: https://en.amazingtalker.com/apply-to-teach/english

Rate: Minimum 3 USD per hour

Minimum Hours: No Minimum Hours Required

Length of Sessions: 25 Mins for Trial Lessons, 50 Mins. for Private Lessons

What They Are Looking For:

  • Has Fluency in English
  • Has Teaching or Tutoring Experience
  • Can Manage His.Her Own Schedule Well
  • Is Passionate about Teaching

Cafetalk is an online platform for online English teaching through Skype. Their students are mostly composed of Japanese adults aiming to improve their English proficiency in an informal yet relaxing learning environment.

Cafetalk requires its teachers to be at least 20 years old and from a native English country to be able to teach English online without a degree. Teaching experience and TEFL certificates are not required, but they emphasize the need for the lessons to take place during Japanese peak evening hours.

Website: https://cafetalk.com/tutor/application/category/?lang=en

Rate: You Set Your Salary Rate

Minimum Hours: You Set Your Minimum Hours

Length of Sessions: You Set Your Session Lengths

What They Are Looking For:

  • A native English speaker
  • Over 20 years of age
  • Is Legally permitted to work by home country and current country of residence

Cambly operates 24 hours a day and is one of the popular English teaching companies that do not require teaching experience and educational attainment. Though they teach kids too, Cambly has seen an increasing number of adult learners that are desiring for informal and conversational classes. Because of this, no qualifications and certifications are required so they can make their signup process easy.

Website: https://www.cambly.com/en/tutors?referralCode=teach71&lang=en

Rate: 0.17 USD per minute (10.20 USD per hour)

Minimum Hours: No Minimum Hours

Length of Sessions: 15 minutes to 2 hours

What They Are Looking For:

  • A native English speaker
  • Is Passionate About Teaching

Classo is a South Korean-based company that offers English lessons to Korean students and adults. They also teach other languages like French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Similar to Cambly, they accept teachers without teaching certificates and degrees as long as theta re native speakers of an English speaking country.

Website: https://www.classo.me/teacher/apply

Rate: 9 to 10.50 USD per hour, depending on experience and proficiency

Length of Sessions: 25 minutes

What They Are Looking For:

  • A native English speaker (Can accept non-native speakers if experience and proficiency is of outstanding quality)
  • Non-degree native English applicants with a passion for teaching
  • Experience in teaching is strongly recommended and required

Golden Voice English is a Canada-based online ESL company that patterns after the top English teaching companies in North America, but with an important key point - they accept teachers without a degree.

Golden Voice English teachers are expected to teach a group of Chinese children (up to six kids) with slots available from 6PM to 10PM China time. Though this can be a challenge, it is one of the most stable and high-paying English teaching companies to exist.

Website: https://gveoe.com/gvenew/become_tutor.php

Rate: 16 to 22 USD per hour

Minimum Hours: 9 Hours Per Week

Length of Sessions: 30 Minutes

What They Are Looking For:

  • Native English Speaker
  • Can legally work in the US or Canada
  • Pass a criminal background check

Lingoda is a Germany-based online language school (particularly in Berlin) that provides its adult students with over 7,000 live classes every week, 24 hours each day. This leading online language school in Europe proudly accepts teachers to teach their native languages even without a degree. They provide language classes such as English, German, French, and other languages in the form of small groups or private one-to-one classes.

Website: https://gveoe.com/gvenew/become_tutor.php

Rate: 7 to 12 USD per hour

Minimum Hours: No minimum hours required

Length of Sessions: 1 hour

What They Are Looking For:

  • Native English Speakers
  • With teaching experience

Though its headquarters are in Florida, USA, Open English is one of the English teaching companies that focuses on the Spanish-speaking world and the whole Latin American market. They provide English language lessons to South American and Spanish speaking students around the world. They neither require its teachers to have a degree nor have TEFL certificates as long as they have a North American accent and the capacity to teach online.

Apart from these, Open English prefers applicants who can communicate in Spanish or Portuguese and those who are from North America as well.

Website: https://www.openenglish.com.br/carreiras/teaching-opportunities/

Rate: 13 to 15 USD per hour

Minimum Hours: 10 Hours per week

What They Are Looking For:

  • Native English Speakers from North America
  • Applicants with Portuguese or Spanish Speaking abilities

Palfish is one of the most popular mobile app-based English learning platforms that hire teachers without a degree. But as the company is based in China, its online English teachers are required to have a TEFL certificate.

The company offers its English lessons in two different programs - informal lessons for regular teachers, and an official kid’s course that requires a set of working hours from the teacher. The official course can be tougher to teach, but these two (informal and official) require no degree.

Website: (where you can download the app to register)


Rate: You Set Your Rate

Minimum Hours: 4 Hours per week

What They Are Looking For:

  • TEFL Certification

And last, in our list, Preply is a well-known online English teaching company that offers English classes while allowing teachers to build personalized teaching profiles to connect with students. A twist to this online teaching platform is that teachers are responsible for marketing themselves to students. You are free to market yourself, work the hours you want, and set the rates you prefer without having the need for a degree, other teaching certificates, or extensive teaching experiences.

Website: https://preply.com/en/home

Rate: You Set Your Rate

Minimum Hours: No minimum hours

What They Are Looking For:

  • Someone independent and can work for themselves
  • Native or Fluent in English
  • Has the Passion for Teaching

There are many more companies that hire applicants without a degree. It’s true that the competition can come tough when compared to those with degrees, experience, and other certifications. But if teaching English online is your ultimate passion - apply as an English teacher online!