Online ESL Teacher for First Future

12–23 USD


Min hours per week
Min hours per week during peak hours
Class length
45 min
Max students per class
Student age


Bachelor's Degree
TEFL, Teaching licence
1 year


As a First Future teacher, you will be working on a fixed schedule. This means that you have guaranteed hours and a reliable minimum income. For example, if your project was for weekday evenings, 6 - 9 p.m., then as an absolute minimum you would be paid your base rate for 15 hours each week. At First Future, you are paid even if a lesson hasn't been booked during your fixed shift.

We have a range of teaching projects available:


E-plus is one of First Future’s top projects with 10-12 guaranteed hours per week (paid with or without class) and our highest starting pay rate. To qualify for this project new teachers must already have online teaching experience.

Group Classroom Broadcasts

You will be teaching groups of around 20 students via a virtual classroom (VC) which is broadcast on a big screen at the school.

Fixed Schedule Projects

You will be part of a team delivering the online element of blended learning courses for a specific school or language centre chain. Students have face-to-face lessons with a Chinese teacher, then have an online review session with a Western teacher. All lesson content is provided, so there is little preparation required. A standard lesson would include going through pre-taught vocabulary and supporting your students to gain confidence in speaking.


These work in the same way that most online schools do. You set your availability on a daily basis.

Payment Details

Teachers are paid monthly on the 10th via Wallex. Your payment is deposited in your home bank account in local currency. All fees are covered by First Future and, as an independent contractor, you are not liable for tax in China.

  • $17 - $23 average per hour

  • Base Rate: from $12 - $18 / hour

  • Plus $1 - $3 for taught lessons

  • Plus $1 for 2+ students (small group classes)

  • Plus $1 weekend bonus

Most online schools operate on a Flexi-Class basis, entailing that if your slots aren’t booked then you don’t get paid. The huge advantage to teaching with First Future is that on a Fixed Schedule you are paid your base rate for each hour, even if a lesson isn’t booked during your slot or if your student doesn’t show.

Student Age Group:

Different projects cover different age groups: YL, Young Teens, Young Adults, Adults - the more flexible you are in preference, the quicker it will be to get you on a fixed project.

Class Size:

Group classroom broadcasts have up to 20 students. Small group classes have 4 - 6 students. There is also a lot of 1-on-1 work available.

Class Length:

On average, group lessons are for 45 minutes, and 1-on-1 lessons are 25 minutes. Schools operate 7 days a week, with peak hours being Monday to Friday 17:00 - 21:00 and all day at weekends.

About First Future

First Future known in China as “FeiBo Education Technology Co”, founded in 2012. First Future is the Largest B2B Online English Education Company in China. As the pioneer of domestic and foreign teaching cloud platform, we aim at providing quality online ESL lessons for students across China, and employment opportunity for ESL teachers from diverse cultural background. We have more than 1200 cooperative organizations, in 26 provinces, 180 cities, around 6000 campuses,and covering 1 million students. Teach with us, and enjoy meeting different students and competitive compensation, --and no commuting! Join us today!