teach.fm is a job platform created to make hiring teachers easier for you.

We establish transparent communication between your school and teaching talent all over the world and deliver your offers faster to great candidates.

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What do you get with your teach.fm account?

teach.fm is made as a one-stop-shop for all your teacher hiring activities.
Post jobs, receive applications, review CVs and demo-videos and connect with matching candidates without leaving the website.

Directory of recent teachers updated
in real-time

You are able to choose teachers based on their:

  • Level of education
  • Experience
  • Citizenship
  • Current location
  • Preferred type of school
  • Type of contract (Full-time, part-time, online)
  • Salary expectations

and more.

Interview only the teachers that fit your requirements.

Informative teacher profiles

With recruiting manager’s needs in mind, we have already asked all the necessary questions about the candidate’s qualifications and preferences - simply filter teachers by your requirements to make sure you're only working with matching candidates.

Photo, self-introduction video and full CV are available on teacher’s page.

In addition to email, you can connect with candidates through various messengers, such as Skype and WeChat.

Full control of your hiring process

Real-time access to all published jobs, applications, interview invitations and resumes.

Accept and ignore applications from candidates with one click.

Filter applications based on your current recruiting needs.
Never lose a candidate.

Dedicated customer support

We help you make the best impression.

If you become our client, our design team will create custom eye-catching design for your vacancy and will help you stand out from competitors.

Our support doesn’t stop after your pay for your subscription.

Sign-up and start hiring the best teachers

More than 50 companies already chose teach.fm as their primary hiring solution.
Take the leap, too.

Post online and offline teaching jobs

With our job editor, you will be able to specify all the important details about your vacancy. You won’t have to explain details like working hours, class length, student age, etc. over email or during the interviews - all of that information will be available for the candidates on your teach.fm job post.

With teach.fm, you can say more about your vacancy in an easy way and increase the number of applications.

Beautifully designed vacancy pages catch an eye of every teacher.

Select candidates you need using Teacher directory

On teachers’ directory, you can choose candidates matching your requirements using a number of criteria, including level of education, citizenship, current Location, preferred type of school, salary expectations and more.

If you become our client, we will set up teacher directory with regard to your requirements, so you will only see candidates matching your current needs.

Invite teachers you like for the interview

The invitation process is very easy - you only need to click an “Invite” button, and the rest is on us.
We automatically notify the candidate about your invitation.

When the teacher accepts your interview invite, we reveal teacher's contact info to you, and your contact info to the teacher, so you can connect with each other using any method of communication you prefer.

So much easier than writing emails to each candidate, right?

Premium and Free teachers

There are two categories of teachers on teach.fm - Premium and Free.
The teacher's category depends on the current demand for this teacher.

Premium - candidates in high demand who fit the requirements of most positions

Free - candidates with lower interest from employers

By introducing different categories of candidates, we give more opportunities to teachers from underrepresented groups and increase their chances to get hired.

You can use different types of invites to accept applications or invite teachers for the interview using our teacher directory.

Reasons to switch to teach.fm

and leave behind recruiting sources you used for a while…

It might be not immediately obvious that teach.fm provides a more convenient way of hiring teachers, compared to a more traditional approach you’ve used before - for example, CVs sent by email and candidates’ videos sent in WeChat groups.

But we have proof that teach.fm is much more efficient than the traditional recruiting methods.

Over the past few years, we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from schools all over the world. It seems we’re on the right track with our approach.

More than 50 schools, including big franchise brands, online schools and small family-run kindergartens already chose teach.fm as their everyday recruiting solution. Whether you are hiring hundreds of teachers per year or need a substitute teacher for your private school - teach.fm has a solution for you.

We focus primarily on China, but we have also been helping companies in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and Russia.

Ready to join?

Create free account for your organization and we will be in touch within 24 hours to show you the ropes.
Contact us to ask any questions about the service.

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