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Maple Leaf Foreign Language School

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Sekolah Bogor Raya

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i2 International Institute of Education

i2 Education (i2 International Institute of Education) is committed to providing students with a personalized elite growth program in an educational environment with foreign teachers, small group classes of 4-6 students, and Phenomenon Based Learning (PBL).

i2 Education has established 95 campuses in 12 provinces and 18 cities in China and served tens of thousands of students with a quality international education. There are more than 600 foreign teachers in our team.

i2 Education has been rated as "Most Influential Foreign Languages Training Organization", "Most Influential Educational Group" and "Famous Brand of Young Learners English".

Our Mission

Make our children bilingual

Our Vision

Leading the way in Education for our Youth

Bukit Lawang Trust

Bukit Lawang Trust is a small NGO focused on Education and Conservation, based in North Sumatra, Indonesia. All of our international staff are volunteers. We offer placements in Eco-Farming, Conservation and English Teaching. Our goal is to reduce poverty in the local community and to raise awareness of practical sustainable lifestyles.


SourceMatch is an Austin, TX based international recruitment agency, representing clients in education, IT, and more.